OCPA applauds Treat’s changes to House Bill 1236

Staff Report 
OKLAHOMA CITY — Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, issued the following statement to praise proposed changes to House Bill 1236, which would amend the duties of the office of the Attorney General to include monitoring and evaluating “any action by the federal government” to “determine if such actions are in violation of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.” 
The bill would create a State Reserved Powers Protection Unit within the AG’s office to perform those functions and challenge unconstitutional federal actions in court. In the statement sent CapitolBeatOK.com and other state news organizations, Small said: 

“Under a prior administration, the Office of the Attorney General had a similar division with dedicated staff and resources focused on combatting federal overreach and abuses of power,” Small said. “The proposed amendments to H.B. 1236 would restore that office and put sharper teeth and accountability into H.B. 1236. 
We applaud Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat’s wisdom in making H.B. 1236 the best possible tool it can be to defend the constitutional powers that the U.S. Constitution has granted to Oklahoma and other states.”

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