Occupy the imagination: Judy Eason-McIntyre takes aim

This just in.

Senator Judy Eason-McIntyre, a Tulsa Democrat often described as a liberal, hung out with Senator Steve Russell, an Oklahoma City Republican invariably characterized as a conservative, at the local H&H Gun Range recently.

Although they often disagree on matters of policy, the pair have become friends. Both will leave office next year. Eason McIntyre is term-limited. Russell is leaving after one term in the Legislature.

As she relates the story, Russell took Eason McIntyre to the popular target practice facility after she expressed interest in learning some shooting skills. She fired two different pistols during the session, one of the weapons being a loaner from Russell’s wife.

After some training, she took aim at the target (the outline of an upper body human torso) down range.

The affable liberal put 17 of her 19 shots on target. To be clear: Five headshots. Twelve body shots. Twice the lady narrowly missed the outline.

The resulting marksmanship is mounted on her inner office door at the Capitol Building in Oklahoma City. Eason McIntyre, a cancer survivor who has been free of the dread affliction for five years this month, affixed a pink ribbon to the target-memento that reads, “Shoot for the cure.”

In a conversation with CapitolBeatOK describing her experience at H&H, Eason McIntyre said, “I’ve never been against the Second Amendment. I support it.” Still, she readily confesses she has often opposed gun advocates on some of their bills.

Her views evolved somewhat when two kids broke into her house one night while she was resting. She heard some noise, went to see what it was and caught two thieves in the act. Eason McIntyre remembers that she screamed, “What in the hell are you doin’ in my house?” They ran away.

CapitolBeatOK could not help sharing the old saw about a conservative being a liberal mugged by reality. While not conceding any argument, she roared with delight at that one. Not to overstate the meaning of it all, but maybe she’s more conservative than anybody ever thought.