Not-so-random thoughts on Managed Care

Pat McGuigan
Oklahoma City — As newspapers like The Southwest Ledger and The City Sentinel went to press this week, the widespread assumption in Oklahoma state government circles was that Gov. Kevin Stitt would allow Senate Bill 131 to go into effect without any action on his part. 

As the Legislature left town, that was indeed the case. 

The new law, aiming to stymie Stitt’s plans to create Managed Care for the Medicaid Expansion process, was advanced by state Rep. Marcus McEntire and Sen. Jessica Garvin, both Duncan Republicans.

The result is a disappointment for Stitt and his hopes to bring burgeoning health care costs under some kind of control.

Compounding the disappointment, S,B. 131 assures that mixed results for patients will continue. 
The governor and the Managed Care Organizations he chose last winter will be able to bring some patients into managed care, but the profitable “nonprofit” hospitals will retain their massive financial returns for at least the next four years.

As reflected in last week’s column (‘Good News and Bad News on Managed Care: A Commentary’), S.B. 131 “falls into that immortal category of legislation on which both sides (primarily, to be sure, those in the legislative majority) can declare victory, while not really advancing the interests of beneficiaries of health care.”

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