Norman, Edmond, Midwest City lauded for recycling excellence
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Published: 18-Jun-2015

NORMAN – Republic Services of Oklahoma City recently recognized three Oklahoma municipalities with a Seal of Recycling Excellence for embracing a “sustainable lifestyle” and diverting more than 12,000 tons of material from area landfills in 2014.

Republic presented officials from Edmond, Midwest City and Norman with the award at their respective city council meetings last month.

“This community’s got a vision in the form of being environmentally sound stewards today for the generations to come,” said Charles Lamb, Mayor of Edmond.

“On recycling days, you see a blue cart with a green cart at most of the houses on my street. It’s always a great thing when you roll out a new program to see the results at such a high level.”

Republic Services collected and processed nearly five million tons of recyclables nationwide in 2014, enabling municipalities and counties across the country to increase residential recycling participation.

Recycling participation in the communities of Edmond, Midwest City and Norman has steadily increased in recent years, and now exceeds 70 percent.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data, recycling participation in these communities is more than double the national average for residential recycling participation.

“It is inspiring to see the difference residents in these communities are making by embracing sustainability, and making a conscious decision to recycle,” said David Higgins, general manager of Republic Services.

“Our customers are united behind a common goal to reduce overall waste and preserve the local environment, and we are proud to do our part by making it effortless.”

In addition to numerous environmental benefits, landfill diversion can help municipalities better manage limited resources by reducing their waste disposal costs.

Last year, Republic’s All-in-One® recycling program enabled the City of Edmond to save approximately $172,800 in landfill usage fees. 

The City of Norman and Midwest City last year saved approximately $98,600 and $46,800, respectively, in fees that would have otherwise been paid to dispose of recycled material in an area landfill.

“Republic Services is a great partner with Midwest City,” said Dee Collins, Mayor of Midwest City. “Their single-stream recycling process and educational efforts have helped Midwest City residents recognize the value of recycling and incorporating recycling into their daily routines.”

Republic Services considered waste collection data as well as recycling tonnage data from local recycling partner, Batliner Recycling, in determining which Oklahoma municipalities would be recognized with the Seal of Recycling Excellence.

This is the first year that Republic Services has recognized area municipalities with the Seal of Recycling Excellence.

“Republic Services has been an excellent partner in growing Norman’s recycling program,” said Cindy Rosenthal, Mayor of Norman. “As a city, Norman is committed to recycling, one house at a time.”

Republic Services of Oklahoma employs 126 people who serve more than 80 municipalities and commercial and industrial customers statewide. Republic operates five hauling offices, four transfer stations and five landfills located throughout the state.

Roscoe Dorsey, Operations Manager, “Single stream recycling is fairly new for the Oklahoma City market. Basically you are allowed to put all of your recycled goods in one container. You don’t have to sort it at your house or at the curb.”

Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) is an industry leader in U.S. recycling and non-hazardous solid waste. 

Through its subsidiaries, Republic’s collection companies, recycling centers, transfer stations and landfills focus on providing effective solutions to make proper waste disposal effortless for their commercial, industrial, municipal, residential and oilfield customers.

The brand’s tagline, “We’ll Handle it from Here,” offers customers the assurance that they can rely on Republic to provide a quality experience while nurturing a sustainable Blue PlanetTM for future generations to enjoy a cleaner, safer and healthier world.

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