OKLAHOMA CITY – Friday afternoon, May 23, the Oklahoma state Senate passed House Bill 3399 on a 31-10 vote, sending repeal of the Common Core standards for public education to the desk of Gov. Mary Fallin.

In a meeting with reporters less than one hour after the Senate vote, Fallin – formerly a supporter of the curriculum but also a foe of federal regulatory overreach — did not commit to sign or veto the legislation.

Asked to state her intentions, the chief executive pointed to an executive order she issues last year stating that Oklahoma would maintain control of its academic standards.

Fallin said the bill was hurriedly considered in the last two days of the session. However, she also said she had  “heard and I share the concerns of Oklahomans who want higher standard but do not want federal control.”

The governor now has 15 days to consider legislation passed in the final days of the 2014 session before she must decide whether to sign or veto measures.

Earlier Friday the state House passed H.B. 3399 71-18 on final reading, then enacted the emergency clause 68-19. The emergency provision means the measure will take effect immediately upon the governor’s signature, if that is forthcoming.