Most young Americans deemed unfit to join the Army, Obama’s push, American terror

Washington, D.C. — Standards to join the Army are less restrictive than for the Air Force, Navy or Marines. 

Since 1973, we’ve had an all-volunteer force, but volunteering isn’t enough. 71% of those trying to become a soldier do not qualify, meaning they probably couldn’t join any of our armed forces.

Potential recruits flunk before they start mostly due to: 

Drug use (including prescriptions)
Tattoos, or
They can’t pass the education tests. That’s a sad report about schools and the dropout rate.
Once upon a time, the Army was always an option for someone in trouble. Now anyone with a shady past is disqualified. 

An estimated 1 percent of young Americans are both willing and ready to serve. Good for them. But over 2/3rds of young Americans don’t qualify even if they try to join. 

In other news: Fasten your seat belts. President Obama says he will push his agenda harder than ever.

Obama says he will “squeeze every last little bit of change” into his final two years in office, bragging that it will set the course for America for the next ten years. 

Obama says his opponents are cynics — that he represents hope and they represent fear.

His way is making people dependent on government. The standard of living has dropped for most households. Instead, they get Obamacare and massive increases in food stamps. 

He openly promotes taking money away from those doing well and re-distributing it.

The same-sex agenda is everywhere. Race relations have soured. Global terrorism is worse. And Obama offers amnesty, work permits, and billions of dollars in handouts for illegal immigrants.

It’s scary that Obama says he now will push even harder.

Meanwhile, ISIS is training Americans to be terrorists — even to launch attacks within the USA.

A few years ago the national media ridiculed warnings that Islamic terrorists were being recruited here in America, trained overseas, and sent back here and to other Western countries to kill. 

The media reported it as unfair accusations against the Muslim faith.

Now the FBI confirms that the recruitment is real and it’s scary.

Testifying to Congress, the FBI says over 3,000 ISIS fighters are from Western nations, including America. Agents have difficulty tracking them when they return from terrorist training in the MidEast. 

Social media and hundreds of Internet sites are targeting those with U.S. passports, recruiting them to join ISIS. 

The FBI concludes that terrorists now have direct access into the U.S..

Maybe if earlier warnings had been heeded instead of ridiculed, some of these barbarians could have been stopped.