Moira McCabe plans to seek Republican nomination for governor of Oklahoma

Moira McCabe plans to file this week as a candidate for governor of Oklahoma. She will be seeking the Republican nomination, hoping to unseat the incumbent, Kevin Stitt.

In an exchange with this reporter, McCabe said, “My basic story is that I am a Republican underdog who has been planning solutions for the problems in Oklahoma like jail overcrowding, repeal unconstitutional laws, audit the state to see where everyone’s tax money is going and make sure they go where they’re supposed to go.”

She reflected, “I don’t fit in with the rest of my party because they only care about 2 or 3 platforms when Oklahoma needs more. People are tired of the fuel prices, tired of a corrupt system, tired of candidates spending $300,000 to campaign for a job that pays $147,000 a year.“A few candidates talk about stopping federal overreach but what follow through plans do they have in case the grid is attacked, or [communications] get shut down? Do they have a plan in case the food supply is disrupted?

In this spring’s Oklahoma City mayoral, McCabe was active as a volunteer in the campaign of Frank Urbanic, who finished second to incumbent Mayor David Holt (who was reelected)., a national website that focuses on electoral politics at all levels, provides a forum for candidates of all views to answer questions about the offices they seek. McCabe availed herself of the opportunity to present her views here, on a variety of subjects.

Excerpts of her comments follow. She said she is “just a regular person who wants to do their part to make Oklahoma a better place and uphold constitutional rights for every person.” She characterized herself as “passionate about anything that gives people freedom and liberty to live their life free of government overreach.”

A conservative in many respects, with a libertarian overlay, McCabe her key messages as a candidate will include repeal of unconstitutional gun laws. She believes in “preserving all human life,” and said she would work to improve “Mental Health methods and programs.”

Asked in the Ballotpedia overview to name a book or other influence on her thinking that would help people to understand her, McCabe pointed to “a speech by Ronald Reagan called ‘We must fight.’ ”She believes “honesty and transparency” are vital attributes for good government, and affirms, “I’m entirely too honest and don’t play favorites, I don’t do well with bullying or bribes.”

Her governing objectives would include “a cleaner more efficient system that will help everyone thrive.”

In the past, she recounted, she has endured “severe depression,” which makes mental health care “so close to my heart.” Underscoring that emphasis, she believes her most important responsibility as a leader would be “to help improve mental health care in Oklahoma and help improve the economics of living in Oklahoma.”

Looking to the challenges of the coming decade, she underscores her goals as a better economy, mental health improvements and opposition to “federal overreach.”

In state budgeting, McCabe said in the responses for Ballotpedia, “I believe the governor should encourage fiscal responsibility and call for an audit if there are major discrepancies or possible embezzlement of funds.”Although she said “it is important to maintain appropriate relations with the Legislature, she would exercise veto powers “if a law is taking away inalienable rights or goes against the will of the people. … Governors should always be able to strike down unconstitutional laws.”

Concerning Oklahoma, she said she most loves “the people and the freedom that we have here, [which] seems to be better than any other state I have been to.”

Her campaign website explains she “has lived in Oklahoma since 1988, her dad was born in Oklahoma and his dad before him. With deep roots in Oklahoma, Moira wants to help bring Oklahomans together” for solutions to benefit all citizens.

She promised to “stand strong against federal overreach,” saying, constitutional rights and international conventions.”

Concerning environmental issues, she wants “to make sure that soil and water are tested for heavy metals and contamination.”She would pursue pro-business activities: “Increase to oil production and build up reserves, and also see about bringing the hemp industry to help fill in the gaps from shortages such as building materials.”

In recent weeks, McCabe has become involved in grassroots opposition to a proposed turnpike route through the east and south portions of the Oklahoma City metro area, raising important questions about eminent domain. Additionally, McCabe is a critic of Senate Bill 1612, a legislative proposal to consolidate state-level law enforcement authority in one agency. She asserts the measure “is going to take us to authoritarian situation.”

McCabe’s campaign website, described as “under construction,” can be accessed here: .

NOTE: Pat McGuigan is the founder, editor and publisher of, an online news service based in Oklahoma City.