Matt Jackson to seek Senate District 30 post
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Published: 14-Oct-2009

By Patrick B. McGuigan

Republican Matt Jackson has announced his candidacy in state Senate District 30. The district encompasses much of northwest Oklahoma City, and portions of Bethany and Warr Acres, and most of the state House Districts of Republicans Randy McDaniel and David Dank.

After beginning campaign activities last Tuesday, Jackson met with reporters throughout the week, including The City Sentinel. Last weekend, he hosted a social for voters in the Lakehurst addition, indicating he would eventually knock on “every door in the senate district.”

The main difference between himself and his most likely primary opponent, Jackson told The City Sentinel, is life experiences. “I have been a Scout leader and a businessman, so I have a different set of skills and a different perspective than someone who has worked in politics most of his career.”

A longtime leader in the Boy Scout troop based at Christ the King parish in Nichols Hills, Jackson describes himself as “simply a Reagan conservative.”  Jackson and his wife, Margie, have three children.

On practical political matters, Jackson said the crowded nature of next year’s ballot, with a plethora of competitive statewide races, would likely have less effect on his ability to raise money than “the economy. That’s a big problem for all Oklahomans, including all of us running for office.” He said the dim economic picture meant that grass roots campaigning would be more important than ever.

In next year’s Republican primary, Jackson will face David Holt, whose campaign announcement was previously covered in The City Sentinel. Both Jackson and Holt are issues-oriented conservatives.

Both candidates have been complimentary of the record compiled by the incumbent, Senate President Pro Temp Glenn Coffee, who will leave the Legislature due to term limits. Coffee is not expected to make an endorsement in the primary race. So far, no Democrats have announced for the job.

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