Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb ends terms as organizational chairman

Oklahoma City — As the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) gets ready to holds its annual meeting, outgoing NLGA chairman Oklahoma Lt. Governor Todd Lamb reflected on his tenure as chairman.

“As chairman of the NLGA, I have focused our agenda and substantive policy discussions over the last year on job creation in the 21st century, homeland security, natural disaster preparedness, and ensuring our children are protected at school,” said Lt. Governor Lamb.

The 2014 NLGA annual meeting in Alaska July 23-24 will mark the end of Lamb’s tenure as chairman of the bi-partisan national group comprised of lieutenant governors from all across the country.

“Competing for jobs in the twenty-first century means states and state policy makers must remain focused on fostering the technological innovations, free-trade relationships, and the educated workforce required to foster economic growth.  By embracing innovation in oil and gas exploration, Oklahoma is leading the charge and other states have looked to Oklahoma as an example for embracing the free-market principles that release the ingenuity and innovation of our people,” Lamb said.

One of the energy-specific highlights of Lamb’s tenure as NLGA chairman was being awarded the 2014 Energy and Environmental Stewardship Award by General Electric.

As a key component of the NLGA economic development initiative, Lt. Governor Lamb also led a trade delegation of Lieutenant Governors to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) and the Turkic-American Alliance offices in Washington D.C.

“In the twenty-first century global economy, expanding trade relationships is vital to both America and Oklahoma,” said Lamb.

“The world is smaller now than ever before and leadership on the issue of trade has never been more vital to preserving prosperity.”

The NLGA also tackled homeland security, natural disaster preparedness issues during Lamb’s tenure as chairman: 

“We also worked with all levels of government to discuss new cutting-edge strategies to respond to natural disasters in a quick and effective manner and to keep our citizens safe from 21st century threats at home and abroad.  We stressed the importance cyber-security to keep both our families safe online and our economic future out of the hands of those who wish to steal intellectual property driving economic innovation across the states, including Oklahoma.”

Lamb continued, “The issue I am most proud of is the work we accomplished on the issue of school security in light of recent shootings.  We took the findings of the special commission I helped create in Oklahoma and presented evidence-based policy solutions that can help parents, educators, and law enforcement work to keep our kids safe at school.”

Lamb will formally step down as Chairman of the National Lieutenant Governor’s Association (NLGA) when his term expires at the NLGA national meeting later this week. 

The NLGA is a bi-partisan policy and leadership association.