Legislature sends Gov. Fallin Speaker Hickman’s bill on electronic monitoring of parolees

OKLAHOMA CITY – The House of Representatives approved Senate amendments to a measure authored by House Speaker Jeffrey W. Hickman, R-Fairview, that would give the Pardon and Parole Board additional options for overseeing offenders who are on parole.

House Bill 2187 authorizes the Pardon and Parole Board to use electronic monitoring devices with GPS technology for any person granted parole, or as disciplinary sanction as authorized by law. 

If the Pardon and Parole Board chooses to use electronic monitoring, the offender could be required to pay towards the monitoring service as a condition of their parole.

“Electronic monitoring will expand the Board’s ability to oversee parolees which enhances public safety using modern technology available today, but not authorized in current law as a tool for the Parole Board to utilize,” said Hickman.

“This measure also allows the board to use electronic monitoring as a parole violation penalty as opposed to sending a person with a minor offense back to one of Oklahoma’s overcrowded correction facilities.

 If we are to tackle the current problems of our state, there is no reason why we should not use today’s technology to find solutions. ”

H.B. 2187 is now pending with Gov. Mary Fallin. 

The state’s chief executive is due to make her decision to sign or veto the measure by midnight Tuesday, May 12.