Josh Brecheen Receives Endorsement of former NASA Director and former Congressman Jim Bridenstine for Congressional Run

Oklahoma Congressional District Two Candidate Josh Brecheen has picked up the endorsement of former NASA Director and former Congressman Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma.

In his endorsement, Bridenstine said, “My name is Jim Bridenstine, and I have had the honor of serving our country in the military and as a Congressman for Oklahoma’s 1st District. My experience has made it easy to identify people who are seeking public office for their own advancement and those who are acting on conviction. Josh Brecheen is running for Congress because he believes conservative values must be protected in our legislature, and he deserves your support.”

Bridenstine went on to say, “Josh is the type of courageous conservative we need in Congress. As a state senator, he proved he could be trusted, standing firm against government overreach and opposing leadership in both parties when they tried to raise taxes. You will not find that caliber of authenticity often.

“Most will cave to the pressure of being told to fall in line, but Josh Brecheen refused to do so. We need more representatives in Washington who are willing to take a stand for what they believe — not just on television ads but behind closed doors.

“I am confident that Josh is a man of integrity, and I am proud to endorse him for the US House. He has my support, and I hope you will support him as well.”

In response to the endorsement, Congressional District Two Candidate Josh Brecheen said, “It’s a true honor to be endorsed by former NASA Director and Former Congressman Jim Bridenstine. As a member of the Freedom Caucus, during his six years in Congress, he voted as a stalwart conservative and did not abandon Constitutional or biblical principles in order to please anyone in leadership. He operated by conviction, not political calculation.”

Brecheen, 42, is a fourth-generation rancher, a committed Christian, and a committed husband and father. His background is in the small heavy equipment and trucking business, as well as cattle production and cutting horse training.

Brecheen was mentored as a former staff member of the late Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. Brecheen also served as state president of the Oklahoma FFA Association.

Brecheen served two terms in the Oklahoma State Senate, where he was known as a consistent and persistent advocate for conservative public policies.