Jenner is Woman of the Year? Stop the Insanity

The “woman of the year” winner is actually a man.

Glamour magazine picked Bruce/Caitlin Jenner as its “woman of the year.”

Of course, he’s a man. Even IF he had sex-change surgery, it would not change his DNA.

Anyone refuses to label Jenner a woman is falsely accused of being hateful.

Jenner is free to consider himself a woman, but nothing requires us to agree. 

I could consider myself a billionaire, but my self-deception won’t improve my credit rating one little bit.

Everything has become political, especially the movement to abolish all standards so that all values are relative and nothing is absolute.

If being female has no connection to chromosomes and anatomy, then what does it mean? Just try saying that women think differently or act differently than men, and feminists will stand in line to condemn you as a sexist who stereotypes women.

We need to stop this insanity.