Istook’s Insights: Vast conspiracy, and a vast failure

That vast right-wing conspiracy is back.

Even before Hillary Clinton testified to Congress’ special Benghazi committee, her spin doctors manipulatted the media.

Fellow Democrats, sympathetic columnists, and liberal reporters have been aggressively briefed to ignore the substance of the hearing and instead talk only about how a noble and heroic woman is being smeared, to stop her from becoming President.

The plan is to create noise, confusion and distraction that make it impossible for the public to learn anything.

People will not learn how Mrs. Clinton’s State Department denied requests to increase security to protect our ambassador to Libya and the others killed in Benghazi.

People will not learn how Mrs. Clinton’s emails may have violated national security laws.

Mrs. Clinton’s worshippers say only that she is a victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy, repeating it endlessly in hopes that you will believe that, and nothing else.

Halloween is nearing, so: Boo! Here comes the Obamacare Scare!

When Obamacare kicked off, 9-million people signed up because it was advertised as a great deal—giving them health insurance either free or at a steep discount. Millions more found it meant higher premiums and higher deductibles, a high price for a bad product. 

So they didn’t sign up.

Now comes a shift in the message.

Instead of offering freebies, the new theme is that people who don’t buy Obamacare will be punished.

The penalty for disobeying the individual mandate will be $695 a person, and over $2,000 for a family. 

For higher incomes, the penalty is higher.