Istook's Insights: The wearing of the green, and punishing us all
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Published: 23-Jun-2015

Once it was Army uniforms that were green. Now it's the whole Pentagon.

Global warming is a major national security issue, according to President Obama and his hand-picked general who now run the Pentagon.

We still have no strategy to deal with the threats from the Islamic State, but our troops now have a Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap. 

Over 7,000 bases are under orders to factor-in global warming in all that they do. 

Evidently the climate impact must be considered before America's troops can even twitch a muscle.

Our military is sent to measure ice levels in the Arctic, but we don't have transports to send our Marines on their missions. 

Military budgets suffer, but the Navy converts its ships to more-expensive and inefficient green fuels. 

The same thing for naval aviation.

As commander-in-chief, Barack Obama is transforming our troops from war fighters into guardians of the green.

And, concerning the top story in the nation in recent days, tragedies grow worse when politicians pile on.

A minister was one of nine killed at a black church in South Carolina. 

The horrid murders clearly involved a sick person filled with racial hatred.

But before funerals could be planned, politicians jumped to urge gun control on all 320-million Americans. 

Others claimed it proves that most white people are racists.

This was a racial attack, but those are less common than activists claim. 

Cries of hate crime or hate speech are thrown around loosely. 

Blacks and other minorities commit race-based crimes, also; it's not just whites.

More laws will not cure mental illness. 

False claims that most of us are closet racists will not bring us together. 

Yes, firearms are used in killings, but they are used more often to save lives.

A wicked act by a racist is not good reason to remove the rights from millions.

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