Istook’s Insights: The internet is not Vegas, Crony Capitalists, & Mission Impossible: To the left of Obama?

What happens on the Internet does not stay on the Internet.

Perhaps 30 Million cheating spouses are being publicly revealed. Supposedly those paying a fee could anonymously connect with others seeking an affair. But the data got hacked.

Phony names are traceable since credit cards were used and because customers posted  details about where to rendezvous and how to be recognized. Gigabytes of secret files are now openly online. That includes lurid descriptions of what users wanted to do in the sexual encounters they sought.

The hackers were blackmailers. If the websites did not shut down they would reveal the secret data about adultery. The websites stayed up and now the hackers have posted that data.

Private eyes will be busy as suspicious spouses hire them to pour through that data dump checking which husbands and wives pursued their cheating hearts online. Divorce courts get ready.

And then: Here’s more proof that green energy involves more greed than green.

California voters were promised a lot of something for nothing. Add taxes on business and use the money for green energy projects in schools — saving the planet saving on utility bills and creating thousands of jobs.

The Associated Press followed up after three years:

Jobs created? Only one-tenth of what was promised.

Utility savings? Didn’t happen.

School improvements? Nope—most of the millions for schools went instead to pay green energy consultants.

And California’s special watchdog board that was supposed to ride herd on it all has never met. Not once in three years.

Crony capitalists and their politician buddies have discovered that voters and the media are gullible—just claim your plan will help students will help the environment and will create jobs. It’s a scam. That’s how they play the public for suckers. Finally, the race for the White House shows that politics are in the doghouse.

Even this early, the Presidential election reveals how disgusted Americans are with Washington DC and with both political parties.

The media and political establishments are amazed that their favorites are doing poorly—not just some of them but ALL of those candidates.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson stand for rejecting Washington’s Who’s Who, so those two top the GOP field for now. Third place is a U.S. Senator, Ted Cruz, but that’s because he causes so much trouble for all his fellow Senators.

Hillary Clinton discovers that left-wing politics-as-usual are a bad path to the White House, especially because her approach is so overty political and plastic and untrustworthy.

Like Republicans, Democrats are fed up, except for liberals it’s because they and Bernie Sanders want even more government than Barack Obama does. Is that even possible?