Istook's Insights: Take a hack – OPM, VA security breeches and federal stalking; English proficiency
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Published: 16-Jul-2015

Big government means less privacy.

Twenty-two million people had personal data hacked from the federal Office of Personnel Management. These were not only federal workers, but also family and friends and anyone who sought a security clearance.

The Veterans Administration had 70 million records that may have been compromised. The Consumer Financial Protection Board is compiling financial profiles on tens of millions of us. Don't be surprised if their aggressiveness results in security leaks.

State and local governments scan license plates at public parking lots, and with traffic cameras and toll-booth cameras. 

They hope to create “smart cities” that constantly monitor everything on public property, plus your water and electric bills and more.

Politicians constantly compile profiles on everybody, to track likely voters. Beware when elected officials start accessing government's records on you.

Even if you flee to a remote cabin in Montana, Big Brother not only is watching you. He's stalking you.

And, there's no mystery about how to succeed in America.

20 million people in America cannot speak English, or at least not speak it well.

Their futures are dim. Sure, they might do well in a sub-culture that speaks some other language, but without English proficiency the odds are against them.

They are hurt when schools or policies don't push them to learn English—and push them hard. It's a disservice to think we have to make things easy. When Jeb Bush suggested that people should work more, he was widely condemned. Shame on the people who did that.

John F. Kennedy said America would go to the moon because our goal was not to do things that are easy, but to do things that are hard.

If you know someone who struggles with English, be a friend and help them. Because English proficiency is a first step to succeed in America.

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