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Istook’s Insights: Sympathy for the Trump, more debt, guns and control

The media might get Donald Trump elected based on sympathy.

Our biased and manipulative media have created a backlash by their endless attacks on Donald Trump. Every time they go after him, Trump’s poll numbers rise. The media are bullies. They create political sympathy that could boost the billionaire all the way to the White House.

It dominated newscasts as networks went wild over Trump’s comment that Hillary Clinton got ‘scholonged’ when she ran for President in 2008. It turns out ‘schlonged’ is a common New York phrase for getting beaten badly in sports or politics.

The left-wing media will twist anything to go after Republicans. The Washington Post ran a cartoon showing Ted Cruz’ young daughters as a couple of monkeys. Imagine the furor if they drew a Democrats’ children as monkeys.

Want to annoy the media? Just tune them out. And vote conservative.

In other news: Unless you’re a federal worker, you’re becoming a second-class citizen. Congress and the President sacrified American jobs, money and security, saying we must pay the price to avoid what they called a government shutdown.

That price is over $1 trillion, another burst of national debt, hundreds of thousands of foreign workers taking American jobs, and keeping the path wide-open for potential terrorists to come here.

Talk of a so-called shutdown is and was misleading. 

Our military and law enforcement keep going; mail is delivered; Social Security payments continue; airports still function— all because essential workers stay on the jobs.

Some government workers might be laid-off temporarily and might have to borrow to get by. But the plan is that instead the country must borrow hundreds of billions of dollars instead of cutting back government.

This vote in Washington could keep America declining for another generation.

Finally, gun control is about dependency on government.

The notion of gun control is that we must depend on government for everything important, including our own safety.

When confronted with danger, such as a home invader, a terrorist, perhaps a rapist, we are supposed to suffer until police can arrive. Meantime, we are helpless.

Law enforcement cannot be everywhere, so without self-protection people can suffer and die.

Crooks and terrorists will always have weapons, so the only ones who are disarmed by gun control schemes are the victims. 

And unless an officer of the law is always by your side when seconds count, then help is still several minutes away.

Many times a concealed carry bystander has thwarted attacks and potential killings. They magnify the odds that trained help is nearby.

Nobody should have to depend on government for their personal self-protection.