Istook’s Insights: Obama’s words are mostly double-talk

President Obama says climate change is worth fighting, but that’s about it.

President Obama brags that he pulled American combat troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama claims terrorism is defeated so now we should focus on global warming.

Meantime, the Islamic State just added Ramadi to its conquests in Iraq. Obama calls them a “junior varsity” but they’ve shown military smarts.

ISIL troops snuck into Ramadi in everyday automobiles, looking like normal traffic.

They packed dozens of captured U.S. armored vehicles with high explosives and put suicide bombers at the controls. The armored vehicles went right through small-arms fire and these mobile bombs blew up entire blocks of buildings at one time and created chokepoints that blocked Iraqi troops from moving.

But Obama claims we’re winning, so he says let’s shift focus to global warming — although the Earth has been cooling for 15 years.

Obama’s words are mostly double-talk.