Istook’s Insights: ObamaCare do-over? And, the impact of cap-and-trade

The Supreme Court has a chance for an Obamacare do-over.

Another legal challenge to Obamacare now awaits a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Only 16 states set up health insurance exchanges. So the federal exchange signed up millions of people in the other states, providing tens of billions in subsidies.

But the law says subsidies only apply to exchanges established by the states.

Do words have any meaning these days? Too often everything gets pushed aside if it gets in the way of political agendas.

Comments about this lawsuit show that the actual law means nothing to many Americans. They only want to keep big government alive and giving things away. 

President Obama has called our Constitution flawed because it does not require government to give things away.

This next Obamacare ruling may tell us whether we now have a government based on manipulating the law instead of upholding it.

In other news, President Obama is keeping his word, but it’s not good news.

Obama’s radical cap-and-trade plan was not passed, but thanks to regulations by his EPA, electricity rates indeed are skyrocketing.

Rates hit all-time highs in 2014, and set another record high in January 2015.

But get this, Obama brags that his regulations will make your electric bill go down. How? Because to avoid the high rates, people will use less power. 

Your cost per kilowatt hour still goes up, but if you react by turning everything off, your bill might be less.

That’s something to think about while you sit in the dark and the cold, thanks to record-setting rates for electricity.