Istook’s Insights: Obama gets petty toward Israel’s leader, and the Blob wants to control Internet

Washington, D.C. – President Obama is acting spiteful about Israel.

Israel fears that Iran will soon have nuclear weapons, and Iran has vowed to annihilate Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak to Congress to describe his fears that President Barack Obama is working to appease Iran instead of blocking that threat.

Obama is angry that Netanyahu is appealing to Congress, so the President wants to give him the cold shoulder.

Not only does Obama refuse to meet with Israel’s leader during his pending visit, but the White House manufactured excuses for other top officials to leave Washington rather than meet with Netanyahu. Many Democrats say they’ll show solidarity with Obama by refusing to attend the Israeli’s speech.

This is pettiness. This behavior is unworthy of President Obama, any President or any other elected official. Israel is threatened. They are an important ally and their leader deserves to be heard.

In other news, it’s like fighting The Blob. Obama appointees want to regulate our free speech.

Protecting ourselves against Obama’s efforts to silence his opponents is like fighting against The Blob.

Some people think it’s just the IRS. Or the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) with its so-called “net neutrality” proposal.

But the FEC (Federal Election Commission) is also looking at how they could regulate political speech on the Internet.

Their duty is to police candidates for federal office, but the FEC is running wild. They’re considering Leftist plans to regulate so-called “electioneering” which means telling where candidates stand on issues. They claim it’s to stop wealthy people like the Koch Brothers from buying elections.

But everything is considered political thanks to the monstrous growth of government. So the supposed regulation of electioneering would mean restricting what we say about a huge range of topics.

NOTE: The former U.S. representative from Oklahoma City, Istook is a Heritage Foundation scholar, and a national columnist.