Istook’s Insights: Obama calls critics cowards, but they will fight him

President Barack Obama changed the rules and made it harder to spot terrorists.

We’ve heard President Obama say that Syrian refugees will be investigated thoroughly before being brought to America, to screen out potential terrorists.

Obama fails to mention that he changed the rules, so that investigators cannot check the religious or political beliefs in most cases.

Things like ‘Do you believe in jihad?’ or ‘Have you protested against the United States?’ or ‘Have you joined the Muslim Brotherhood?’ are examples of what is now off-limits.

Training material for federal law enforcement stresses that terrorism occurs among different races, genders, nationalities and religions. That’s true but misleading because terrorism does not occur EQUALLY among each group.

Those doing background checks and interviews have their hands tied, because Obama changed the rules. He won’t let them do their jobs of protecting us, to keep terrorists away from America.

Earlier in this discussion, Obama claimed his opponents are cowards.

Obama vows to veto any effort to slow down his plan to bring Syrian refugees to America.

Obama claims Republicans are scared of widows and three-year-old orphans. But that does not describe most refugees, with the large numbers of young men.

Obama claims he can screen out the bad guys.


Normal background checks on Syrian refugees are impossible because no valid records are available but there are tons of fake ID’s.

U.S. Senators say 15 refugees previously labeled as safe and even granted American citizenship turned out to be terrorists, and they believe there are many more. The FBI reports over 900 ongoing domestic terrorism investigations.

Yet President Obama ridicules those who question re-settling thousands of people from the terrorists’ homeland into the American homeland.

Obama claims his opponents are cowards. But those opponents are ready to fight him on this – to protect our homeland.