Istook’s Insights: Misleading statistics, seniors and Second Amendment, sex vs. religion, extreme makeovers

Statistics are not the same as reality.

Government reports are packed with numbers that make agencies and politicians look good.

This week, President Obama just rattled off statistics on national TV that make it sound like we’re in the Golden Age of America. Unfortunately, a lot of that is puffery or manipulation to make you think that down is up.

Obama blamed the GOP for our immigration scandals. He even blamed Republicans for the IRS scandal that targeted the Tea Party and conservatives, trying to shut down their activities.

But the President never mentioned a new report from the private sector. It shows 3-million more children in poverty now than when Obama took office, up from 18 percent of kids to 22 percent.

Yes, poverty statistics can also be misleading; but the trend is the key. Despite Obama’s happy talk, Americans are worse off economically than when he became President.

Then, there’s this: Federal databases could cost seniors their guns.

Behind the scenes, the Social Security Administration is preparing to add millions of seniors to the FBI’s list of people disqualified from owning a gun.

These are seniors who have relatives handle their benefits and finances for them. The Los Angeles Times reports the White House claims the mental competency of such people is questionable, making them a potential threat to others.

Obama will grab any excuse to ignore the Second Amendment and establish gun control.

Like the Social Security list, Obama uses other gigantic federal databases to snoop on our personal finances, and to micro-manage where we live. 

Bureaucrats will insist on re-zoning and other local changes wherever there is a mostly-minority population.

But housing usually reflects income, not prejudice. And wanting help with your finances does not mean you are mentally unstable.

But Big Brother is everywhere, and Obama wants him to control our lives.

And, more on a growing battle tries to pit sex versus religion.

It’s not just the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. Polling reveals that Americans are deeply divided by a conflict deliberately created to pit sexual liberation against religious values which teach that intercourse properly belongs within marriage.

A new survey shows 39 percent of Americans say that gay rights are more important than protecting religious liberties. 

Fortunately, 56 percent say the opposite, that religious liberties take precedence. But it’s scary that so many people believe our explicit First Amendment rights take a back seat to the gay rights agenda, which is not mentioned in the Constitution. Democrats, the poll says, by 64-32 –that’s 2-to-1– believe gay rights are more important than religious freedom. What’s happening? Aggressive activists have captured the media, which constantly promote changing America’s fundamental values, and not for the better.

Finally, Political correctness is a threat to national defense.

The Pentagon’s leaders, hand-picked by President Obama, are reversing the rule that transgenders have mental issues and cannot serve.

The official and stupid explanation is that ending this debate will free commanders from distractions.

Start with uniforms: If a man thinks he’s Caitlyn Jenner, does he dress like G.I. Joe or G.I. Jane? Fitness tests are gender-normed so women need not run as far or as fast, or do as many push-ups. But what are the fitness numbers for a male body that calls itself Sheila?

What becomes of common showers and bunking arrangements?

Now hear this: They plan for military medicine to cover hormone treatment and sex-reassignment surgery. That guarantees a lot of wannabe-whatevers will want to enlist to get an extreme makeover at taxpayer expense.

This is not avoiding distractions. This is creating distractions that will weaken our armed forces.