Istook’s Insights: Limits to compassion, and the death of language

America’s compassion is enormous.

No nation has relieved international suffering as much as the United States.

We helped vanquished enemies to rebuild after World War II. We provide tens of billions every year in non-military foreign aid. Private groups raise that total even higher.

After Communists overran South Vietnam, we invited our former allies to come here.

But President Obama is off-base to claim we lack compassion unless refugees from unrelated conflicts are brought halfway across the globe to settle here at our expense. It is simpler, safer, less expensive, and helps far more people if we send aid rather than importing refugees.

Many Mexican and Latin American gang members are now here thanks to President Obama’s open borders. There is legitimate concern that terrorists would not and could not be screened out from Syrian refugees.

America can show our compassion without inviting terrorism into our borders.

In a related arena of culture, our language is being destroyed by political correctness.

The meanings of words are subverted by political correctness.

Feminists insist we don’t stereotype what women are like. But when transgenders like Bruce Jenner say they feel like a woman, we’re asked to switch gears and believe that something IS different about females — yet it’s unconnected from anatomy or biology.

College students protest about feeling unsafe — but they don’t mean physical threats. Speech they dislike is labeled as hate speech or “microagression.” So protestors insist on safe areas — safe because they are black-only. Their way to insure safe and equal treatment of races is to create segregation.

It’s as crazy as the dictionaries that replace Mr. and Mrs. and Miss with a new “M-X”. The purpose of a prefix is to tell you something, such as gender. A prefix that tells you nothing has no purpose — except to proclaim political correctness.