Istook’s Insights: ISIS has grown since 2010, it is not contained. And, PC in Paris

Our President lies to us about Islamic terrorism.

The Pentagon’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, just testifed to Congress that ISIS is NOT contained and has grown significantly since 2010.

Yet President Obama recently claimed ISIS is contained, just like during his re-election he claimed that ISIS was on the run. 

But Obama’s own former head of Defense Intelligence, Gen. Michael Flynn, just told CNN Obama said that to get re-elected, not because it was true.

Flynn left that post because the White House did not like his warnings about Islamic terrorists.

Does anybody believe Obama’s claim that Syrian refugees would be carefully vetted before being admited to America? Obama’s hand-picked FBI director told Congress there is simply no way to vet them securely.

Obama keeps downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism—but his own people keep telling us the opposite.

Elsewhere in the news, the world’s biggest politically-correct gathering is underway.

Leaders from across the globe gathered in luxury in Paris. 

It’s a climate summit — a climate of self-praising speeches about supposedly saving the planet.

President Obama and others will promise to spend billions to fight carbon dioxide, save global icecaps, and otherwise fight global warming and climate change. They’ll pat each other on the back as they make grandiose promises, but back home the U.S. Congress and other governments may just say no.

The other nations, which emit the most carbon and pollution, won’t join in those promises because their ability to grow, improve their economies and boost their standard of living depend on the energy that only fossil fuels can provide them.

The rhetoric will be intense, but the negotiating won’t mean much. The only arms that get twisted and broken will probably be from world leaders patting themselves on the back.