Istook’s Insights: In culture and morality, as dominoes fall; and a decline in homicides …

They’re doubling down on sexual “liberation.”

The agenda is being pushed far beyond same-sex marriage.

The agenda has always been total sexual liberation. Same-sex marriage was just one stepping stone.

The Obama Administration is about to authorize transgenders in the military. Just imagine, a man gets to bunk with the women if he calls himself one; same for a woman who labels herself a man. Imagine the disruption among soldiers and sailors.

Legislation is proposed in Congress to outlaw the terms husband and wife. The words are labeled sexist because they are not gender-neutral.

Lawmakers are also discussing an end to tax exemptions for churches and any other groups that don’t approve and endorse same-sex relationships.

And the Boy Scouts say they will bow to pressure and allow practicing homosexuals to be Scoutmasters.

The agenda is basically anything goes, with no barriers and no boundaries on sex. Knocking down natural marriage was just another domino falling.

Elsewhere in the news, it appears that a bad guy with a gun is best deterred by a good guy with a gun.

Americans realize that police cannot be everywhere, so increasingly people are protecting themselves.

Homicides have dropped 25 percent since President Obama took office, perhaps because the number of concealed carry permits has tripled, to almost 13-million people. Almost 2 million permits were added last year. Firearms sales are up. Plus several states allow concealed firearms without a permit.

High murder rates are common in big cities with gun control laws — proving again that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

Restricting Second Amendment rights tries to make people dependent on government — in this case for their safety. 

Should the security of you and your family depend upon whether police can arrive before an assailant or intruder can attack?

The saying is true: When seconds count, the police are still minutes away.