Istook’s Insights: Immigrants and welfare spending, global warming quackery

Will the welfare state collapse due to foreigners?

In the USA and Europe, record levels of migrants, illegal immigrants and refugees are getting government benefits in the countries where they arrive.

One estimate says 60 million people — the most in history — are today displaced due to poverty, war, terrorism, revolution and famine. Europe expects a million migrants this year fleeing unrest in the MidEast.

Austria promises work permits, housing and cash. The Czech Republic offers full welfare benefits. Germany provides housing plus a cash allowance. These are typical within Europe.

In the U.S., illegal immigrants are not supposed to get benefits — but the Obama Administration claims they are refugees which lets them collect food stamps, medical care, even cash. Plus education.

The flood of migration is not only about fleeing terrible conditions at home. It also involves cashing in on the out-of-control spending on public welfare.

Elsewhere in the news, what are the bureaucrats hiding about global warming?

We spend billions of taxpayer dollars to combat global warming. But federal climate bureaucrats refuse to let Congress see their proof that it’s real.

Official records showed no global warming for the last 18 years. So the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that its scientists have gone back and “adjusted” thousands of temperature readings. By changing history, they claim to have restored proof that global warming is happening.

How do they justify re-writing history? The bureaucrats refuse to let Congress look at the records of how they calculated these changes, claiming that would insult scientific integrity.

Legitimate science documents its work. Legitimate science demonstrates that its calculations are accurate. When our government changes years of weather data, and then tries to keep the details secret, nobody should call it science. 

Instead, it sounds like quackery.