Istook’s Insights: Hot air in Paris, U.S. dreamers, Pentagon PC

Celebrating the Paris climate change agreement is dumb.

All we hear is hoopla that supposedly it might save the planet, but that international climate change deal is phony.

The details don’t matter, because John Kerry, President Obama’s Secretary of State, admits that it is not a binding agreement. Kerry admitted to FOX News that the agreement has no enforcement provisions and nothing is mandatory. That’s because a binding agreement would first have to be approved by Congress as a treaty. Obama know Congress would reject it, so he won’t even submit it to them.

No pro athlete would celebrate over an unsigned contract. Dollars and promises mean nothing if a deal is not signed, sealed and delivered.

So that climate change agreement is not worth the paper it’s printed on.

All the hype is not about global warming; it’s just about hot air.

Another thing: Is the American Dream dead?

Young Americans are split on whether the American Dream is dead or alive.

Those aged 18 to 29 told pollsters that 49 percent believe the dream is alive, but 48 percent say the dream is dead.

What has them so depressed?

Try Googling the question, “Who killed the American Dream?” The answers range from President Obama to all of Washington, D.C., to regulations, to terrorism, big banks, illegal immigration, the burden of student loans, and stagnant household income.

But then Google “The American Dream is alive.”

One bright finding is that most Americans born into poverty do not stay in poverty. Too many get stuck there, but most emerge from poverty into the middle class. And lots of the middle class have advanced to upper class incomes—which is why the middle class is not the majority anymore.

And then, there is this: Our military will lower its standards to put women into combat units.

Men must register for the draft. It’s a contingency even though our military ended conscription in 1973.

Soon women will have to register also. The courts will require it now that President Obama’s hand-picked Pentagon leaders have declared that all combat positions are open to females.

Even the Marines are under orders to place women in combat units. Yet every woman who tried has failed the physical requirements in the Marines’ Infantry Officer Course. Only four women even lasted a single day.

Advocates say the Marines must lower their standards so women can qualify, that Marines don’t need to be so tough, that physical strength is outdated in modern armies. But that is bunk.

Lower standards will weaken American’s military. Sooner or later this will cost lives—because of political correctness at the Pentagon.