Istook’s Insights: Giveaways at all-time high, as freedom slips away

What will our next President do about federal giveaways?

Since President Obama took office, the number of people receiving public assistance is up by a third. Food stamps are up about 75 percent. Now nearly one in three Americans receive benefits from one of 79 federal anti-poverty programs. And no, this does not include Social Security benefits or Medicare.

Then there’s corporate welfare. Green energy subsidies are the biggest piece of that pork, but there are also the Export-Import Bank, marketing subsidies, and plenty of other boondoggles.
Of course, politicians of all persuasions give lip service to the virtue of work, while many then vote to pay people not to work.

No wonder so many people rush across our borders illegally. Those who want jobs can take them from lazy Americans. And those who don’t want jobs can just take from all tax-paying Americans.

Meanwhile: Is our freedom slipping away?

Would you rather live in the United States? Or maybe Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Austria or perhaps Chile? Those are among 19 nations which provide more freedom than the USA according to the latest annual rating from the Cato Institute.

We’ve been slipping for fifteen years say the researchers — especially for three reasons:
One is the constant growth of government.
Two is how regulations hold back the private sector.
And the third is the erosion of the rule of law.

Crony capitalism uses government to reward some and hold back others. 

Nit-picky laws make it easy for corrupt politicians to prosecute their political foes.

Corruption grows when people decide they can only prosper by cozying up to those in power.

That’s why America is now rated only number 20 in overall freedom, and we keep on slipping.