Istook’s Insights: fanatical big spending, embarassment by world leaders

President Obama is fanatic about spending more money.

Officially, our national debt is 18-point-1-trillion dollars, unchanged for six months. But actually the debt grew by at least 200-billion during that time.

The gimmick is what the Treasury Department calls extraordinary measures. They skim billions from retirement funds of federal workers until Congress officially approves more borrowing. Once they do, that official debt instantly takes a huge jump upwards.

Playing more word games, President Obama says we must borrow more so America doesn’t default on paying its bills. Meantime, he insists on adding to those bills.

Obama wants $74-billion in new domestic spending. If he doesn’t get it, Obama says he will veto the national defense bill.

Only a fanatic big spender would undercut our entire military, making them hostages unless Congress pays a $74-billion ransom. 

That fanatic’s name is Barack Obama.

There’s more: President Obama was just embarrassed by other world leaders.

Speaking at the United Nations, Obama bragged that he heads the most powerful military in history. 

He hosted a conference on terrorism, and declared that Syria’s president Assad must go. And Obama met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Within 24 hours, Putin launched surprise air strikes in Syria, supporting President Assad — who Obama had just pledged to remove from office. Obama’s words had no impact; Russia’s military did the very opposite.

Then the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, embarrassed the President at the anti-terrorism meeting. When Obama claimed that extremism is common to many faiths, the British leader spoke up, responding that the core problem is violent Islamic extremism, which Obama refuses even to name.

By words and by actions, the British and Russian leaders publicly took Obama to task. It was the United Nations, but not united with Obama.