Istook’s Insights: Fake reports of racism, PC suicide

Fake news is being used to stir up racial unrest.

Behind the headlines are reports that phony claims about racism are sometimes used to stir up college students.

In New Jersey, a black activist at Kean University has been charged with creating false public alarm by tweeting phony claims that black students would be shot and killed. Then she used her own phony messages to stir up fellow students into protesting..

An Austin, Texas, student confessed to posting stickers all over, stating certain areas were “exclusively for whites” — and then claiming the stickers were proof of rampant racism.

An upstate New York activist pulled a similar stunt, creating “for whites only” signs and then using them to rile up fellow students into protesting.

And the student body president at the University of Missouri was caught in false statements alleging the Ku Klux Klan was on campus.

Beware that some claims about racism are simply trumped-up.

Maybe, just maybe, political correctness is finally committing suicide. 

It gets more and more absurd at its efforts to intimidate people so they cave-in to liberal ideas.

The latest excess shows PC group-thinkers are growing desperate. 

Students are taught to say they feel traumatized or physically ill when they hear something that contradicts political correctness.

They request safe zones or “trigger warnings” to avoid hearing anything that is not PC. They ask colleges to help them be ignorant and closed-minded. 

Sadly, some schools go along with that nonsense; those administrators ought to be fired.

Another sign is Donald Trump’s candidacy. Much of its fervor comes from a public demand for plain speech that cuts out the PC nonsense.

The latest extremism may be signs of desperation, as political correctness burns out, consumed by its own radical intolerance.