Istook’s Insights: EPA uses our money to lobby, another ObamaCare fail, and how to be called Pee Wee

Washington, D.C. – How did the EPA get their number, claiming that 87 percent of comments are supportive of their latest power grab over all of America’s water? They spent taxpayer money to urge liberal environmental groups, to make favorable comments.

“In a campaign that tests the limits of federal lobbying law, the agency orchestrated a drive to counter political opposition from Republicans and enlist public support in concert with liberal environmental groups.”

Agencies are supposed to seek public comment on proposals, but federal law says they cannot spend public money to orchestrate the comments.

Working with the EPA was Organizing for America, the permanent structure of President Obama’s campaign team, which now has people on the federal payroll in major positions. This is another way Obama bends the law and creates propaganda using your money.

Then, there’s a liberal group reports that one-fourth of people covered by Obamacare still avoid seeing a doctor or having tests done because they cannot afford the deductibles or co-pays.

That shows how bureaucratic the law is, because even after raising insurance premiums it also raises other out-of-pocket costs. To the left, that’s a reason to abolish co-pays.

But look closer. Almost every political proposal does nothing about the real problem—that health care costs too much. 

Sending the bills to government does not make anything more affordable; it only shifts who pays, namely taxpayers.

Health care and insurance cost so much because the government controls them with a mountain of red tape. That doesn’t improve care; it just adds to the costs. Obamacare created thousands more pages of regulations; red tape makes things more expensive, not more affordable.

Finally, if you want to be called PeeWee, then smoking dope is for you.

Another medical study confirms that marijuana stunts growth as well as causing brain damage in youth.

Boys who smoke marijuana are 4 inches shorter by age 20 than their counterparts, on average. That can earn them nicknames like PeeWee or Runt.

But the drug legalization crowd continues to pooh-pooh the medical studies. They ignore the report from the National Institute for Drug Abuse that youth who use weed end up with lower IQ’s and less ability to think. It harms memory, ability to learn, and impulse control. So the stereotype of becoming a ‘stoner’ is based in fact, not fiction.

But advocates for legalization are using children, claiming that sick kids need marijuana for medicinal purposes. That foot-in-the-door approach to full legalization puts kids at risk for brain damage and stunted growth.