Istook’s Insights: EPA looks at limiting shower time

Do we control our government? 

Or is government telling us what to do?

Rather than doing what the people want, government is determined to change us and change how we behave.

Now the Environmental Protection Agency wants a way to monitor how long people spend in the shower. They’re paying a university to create a monitoring system for hotel guests.

The bureaucrats insist they won’t require us to use such a system; hotel proprietors will decide for themselves whether to measure your shower time with a stopwatch. 

That’s typical double-talk. Regulators notoriously punish anyone who doesn’t take the hint. Suggestions become orders. 

Then devices to time your shower in hotels will become required equipment in homes as well.

Imagine when the EPA’s timer kicks in and cuts off the water. Or maybe punishes you by turning all the water ice cold.

Just the thought of more government intrusion ought to make everybody shiver.

In other news, President Obama again bends the law to punish those who disagree with him.

Following White House orders, those who don’t support the President’s views on global warming will be cut off from federal programs designed to mitigate disasters.

Those federal programs reduce the harm from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and such. 

They pay for things like strengthening levees and dikes along rivers, building tornado and storm shelters, or removing structures from flood plains.

But unless a governor adopts a program that supposedly reduces global warming, their state will be cut off, under the pretense that they’re not helping to prevent natural disasters. 

Only after a tragedy will federal aid be available.

Science does not claim that humans have caused things like hurricanes. 

Once again, Obama goes too far. He’s hijacked the law by creating his own new requirements. 

Unless you support his global warming agenda, Obama will punish your state.