Istook’s Insights: Doctored Docs, Cooked books, Europe’s Crisis

Is our military intelligence being modified to meet political goals?

The Pentagon’s inspector general is investigating complaints from 50 intelligence specialists, reports the Daily Beast news-site.

The report says higher-ups have been changing the reports about ISIS, Al-Qaida and other terrorism, watering it down to make those groups look weaker and to make the Obama Administration look better in down-playing the threats.

Political appointees and high-ranking commanders have been editing the records, it’s said. Of course, the highest officers in the military are hand-picked by the White House, which also makes political appointments to civilian positions at the Pentagon.

It’s a serious charge to say our national security takes a backseat to echo political narrative. But if that happened with Benghazi, who’s to say it’s not still going on. We get a lot of propaganda, but not enough truth.

That’s not all: They’re cooking the books on our national debt.

For six months the U.S. Treasury reports the national debt has not risen by a penny. The numbers are frozen at $18.1 Trillion.

But during this time, the Treasury has raided tens of billions of dollars from federal retirement funds, not even issuing promissory notes for the money.

It’s a gimmick. It’s phony, phantom bookkeeping.

The Treasury doesn’t even show IOU’s for this on the official balance sheets. That would show a constant increase in our national debt. But Congress refused to take the political heat to increase the legal borrowing limit, yet approved spending that is far higher than tax revenue can cover.

So everybody ignores the truth to buy time, until one of those big bipartisan deals are made that includes raising the debt ceiling.

People go to prison for falsifying financial records. Or else they go into politics.

Wrapping up for today, the U.S. is not the only nation struggling with immigration.

Mass migrations result from both push and pull:

People feel pushed out and flee nations suffering from war, terrorism, famine, tyranny, or poor economies that offer poor futures.

People feel pulled toward countries that provide generous benefits such as education, health care, and assistance programs, and to nations where better jobs are available.

A major example is Syria. Millions have been displaced by the civil war there, caught between a brutal dictator on one side, and the deadly ISIS terrorists on the other.

Most MidEast nations are refusing to take in these mostly-Muslim refugees, so they are flooding north into Europe. Most hope to reach someplace like Germany, which offers generous welfare assistance. In Europe, like here in America, people are learning that a huge tide of immigrants can quickly re-shape the entire structure of a society.