Istook’s Insights: Danger in the ObamaCare ruling, and pressuring workers into unions

There is danger in the new Supreme Court Obama care ruling.

It’s dangerous when judges ignore the words of a law and instead decide that the intent is all that matters. That allows Presidents to govern by personal interpretations instead of following clear laws.

So the Supreme Court says President Barack Obama can go continue spending billions to subsidize health insurance premiums for several million extra people.

That’s a green light for Obama to continue ignoring what our laws say on immigration, taxes, spending, regulation and more. But Congress deserves more blame than the courts for allowing Obama’s power grabs.

For decades, Congress has passed vague laws that the executive branch gets to interpret. It only takes a majority of Congress to give away this power.

 But taking away those powers would require two-thirds of Congress.

That’s because even if they passed repeals, they would need that two-thirds to override Presidential vetoes.
And in other Obama-related news, the president wants you in a labor union.

Few private sector workers are union, so Obama wants to sign you up by changing the rules, using the NLRB, the National Labor Relations Board.

College football players can bargain for benefits and work rules, says a regional NLRB ruling against Northwestern University, a Big Ten school.

If a workplace rejects a union, a handful of workers can form a micro-union, and get federal help in pressuring management.

NLRB created snap elections, letting organizers catch management by surprise with an immediate vote on going union.

And they want to force every location in a franchise, like a McDonalds, to be treated as one big business, letting unionized restaurants force all the other locations to join their union.

If unions want more members, they should clean up corruption and stop their left-wing politics; maybe then more people would want to join.