Istook’s Insight: President Obama wants to combine gun control with speech control

President Obama is taking another backdoor approach to gun control.

Obama wants to combine gun control with speech control; it could mean prison for gun advocates, under proposed new regulations.

It’s a re-interpretation of the law that restricts foreign sales of fighters, bombers, tanks and missiles. 

They want it also to restrict Americans from sharing information with foreigners about everyday firearms – rifles, shotguns, pistols.

Because the Internet goes across borders, that means technical data about firearms cannot be posted online unless it is pre-approved by the feds. 

That nightmare scenario invites stonewalling and abuse. It could lead to the selective enforcement that Obama typically applies against his political opponents.

The National Rifle Association and others are pushing back, of course. 

This time, Obama is not only messing with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms; he’s also messing with our First Amendment right of free speech.