Istook’s Insight: Happy talk ignores children in poverty, other economic woes

Statistics are not the same as reality.

Government reports are packed with numbers that make agencies and politicians look good.

President Obama just rattled off statistics on national TV that make it sound like we’re in the Golden Age of America. 

Unfortunately, a lot of that is puffery or manipulation to make you think that down is up.

Obama blamed the GOP for our immigration scandals. He even blamed Republicans for the IRS scandal that targeted the Tea Party and conservatives, trying to shut down their activities. 

But the President never mentioned a new report from the private sector. It shows 3 million more children in poverty now than when Obama took office, up from 18 percent of kids to 22 percent.

Yes, poverty statistics can also be misleading; but the trend is the key. Despite Obama’s happy talk, Americans are worse off economically than when he became President.