Istook’s Insights: Terrorism, ‘no-fly’ flaws, and a wild blame game
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Published: 15-Dec-2015
Is the government’s “no-fly” list any good?

The goal is to keep terrorists off passenger jets, to avoid hijackings and bombs.

Gun control advocates propose we ban gun sales to everyone on that list.

But the list is riddled with false information. Even the late Senator Teddy Kennedy found himself on that list and had a tough time getting off it.

Few of the names are known terrorists. The list has almost 50,000 names banned from the airlines, within a larger list of 700,000 deemed suspicious by our government.

It’s cobbled together by people who frisk grandmas but rarely find terrorists. One audit said half the names should not be on the list.

President Obama has significantly increased the number of people on the list. Just imagine how many more names he might add if it gave him a backdoor way to create gun control.

In related news, is terrorism is caused by global warming?

We’re told that the San Bernardino attack was caused by global warming. Supposedly, people are so stressed by climate change that they turn to violent ideologies.

No matter what the problem, some zealot sees a link. Global warming has been blamed for:

· the price of popcorn
· causing gingerbread houses to fall apart
· making the Earth spin faster and also making it spin slower
· more crabgrass in our lawns
· making Mount Everest shrink
· more meteors from space
· more acne on our face
· and for killing the Loch Ness monster.
Plus hundreds of other calamities.

The blame game is so wild that fanatics now want to silence everyone who has not made global warming their religion. They want to shut up critics with lawsuits and even criminal charges. Their fanaticism is another type of terrorism that we should declare war against.

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