Istook Insights: Presidential debates will change, some law enforcement officials stand up to Obama

Presidential debates will soon change dramatically.

So-called mainstream media are accustomed to controlling debates among Presidential candidates. Liberal slants are obvious when media misuse debates to put Republican candidates in their worst light, or try to disqualify them as viable candidates.

That iron-grip media monopoly is about to be broken.

Recent GOP debate audiences have been enormous. That made the advertising hugely profitable for that biased media.

So now liberal producers and reporters may be cut off from their cash cow.

The candidates and the Republican Party recognize they can hold their own debates and don’t need the liberal media. 

Debates can be viewed online by tens of millions; alternative and conservative media have grown and can provide better hosts and questions. And the events can make a profit for the GOP or charities.

This will change everything about Presidential debates. The only question is: How soon?

In other news, some key law enforcement leaders are standing up to President Obama.

Key officials like the director of the FBI are standing up against the undercutting of our laws, which has been part of President Obama’s agenda.

FBI director James Comey calls it the Ferguson effect. That’s when police feel they cannot enforce our laws without being accused of racism and threatened with prosecution, or targeted with violence.

Murder and other major crimes are up in urban areas where the police are being tarnished as the bad guys, such as by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Of course, all lives matter.

The head of the Drug Enforcement agrees with the FBI director that public safety is being harmed. Naturally, the White House disagrees. President Obama keeps suggesting that white privilege is the problem and racism is rampant in law enforcement.

This is a big part of why Obama has made America’s race relations worse instead of better.