In Ward 6 Oklahoma City Council race: Elect Nathaniel Harding

After years working on the MAPS3 advisory board and becoming knowledgeable on issues (including streetcars), Nathaniel Harding is seeking the Ward 6 City Council seat in the election slated for February 12.

Education is the top issue he hears about while door-knocking: “We have to look at how our city can assist our public school system. … Far too often, governmental bodies fail to work together or communicate. We can change that. As our city looks ahead to the next MAPS proposals, support for our local schools should be considered,” he told The City Sentinel
Harding pledges to advocate for both quality of life and job growth.

Harding thinks wise work on mental health and substance abuse issues will pay dividends: “The overcrowding of our jails and prisons is largely a result of a lack of treatment availability. That has a cascading effect.” And, he says voters want “inclusiveness and respect. Those two characteristics will be at the forefront of my efforts.” He volunteers for the Homeless Alliance.

Harding, in the Air Force Reserves in Afghanistan, served with distinction to secure safe roads for soldiers serving the U.S., United Nations and Afghan forces. He also worked with local police and civilians.
He understands small business, and the need to listen to one another: “As a society we have become pretty bad at listening and politicians are often the prime example. To start, I promise to always listen.”

The future of Oklahoma City looks bright. 
Voters in Ward 6 are encouraged to support Nathaniel Harding on Feb. 12.

(NOTE: This appeared in the February print edition of our news
partner, The City Sentinel.)