In Republican Primary for Fifth District U.S. House of Representatives: For Stephanie Bice

Oklahoma Republicans in the Fifth Congressional District hope to regain the seat based in and around Oklahoma County. Against an incumbent who has national financing and a substantive political style, they will need to nominate their strongest option to have a realistic chance for victory in November.

The City Sentinel supports state Senator Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma City for the Republican nomination. Reasons for this newspaper’s support of her in the primary follow. 

Our endorsement philosophy, detailed previously in print and online, leads the newspaper to make the best possible recommendation as the nominees for each major political party.  

Endorsements from The City Sentinel newspaper are an affirmation of the person endorsed – not necessarily a criticism of other candidates. This aims to encourage qualified individuals to seek public office and serve our community and state. Endorsements reflect the preferences of the newspaper’s owners/publisher.
Our pattern has been to support the best candidate possible in the primary process, and await voters’ selection of nominees before final decisions are made for the general election. 
We do not intend nor imply, unless otherwise stated, criticism of those who disagree with these endorsements.

In this particular race, we must state that recent independent expenditure attacks aimed at Bice are a reflection of the “all or nothing” approach so common in present political rhetoric. Bice’s primary foes are rejoicing and joining in attacks on the front-runner, but all Republicans should remember the old political saw: What goes around, come around. 

Two years ago, Sen. Bice supported some tax measures that boosted revenues for public schools. She supported the position of the state’s lieutenant governor in retaining business incentives. 
These positions are being characterized in the worst possible light for a woman who has, unlike her primary foes, held public office and therefore possesses a record.

About that record: 96 percent support for the pro-business policy agenda
Repeated support for pro-life measures throughout the last six years – actual votes, not rhetoric. 
Stephanie Bice is a reformer. She is the reason Oklahoma’s once-archaic liquor laws now reflect the views of most Oklahomans. 
She helped push to enactment needed improvements in identifying children with dyslexia. 
Stephanie Bice is a change agent who has worked on substantive criminal justice reforms in the contentious “real world” of the Legislature, rather than mouthing the slogans of many on the left and the right.
Stephanie Bice is an experienced leader whose time at the Legislature makes her the only Republican running who has a substantive record with actual votes on actual proposals. Her record offers a clear substantive contrast with the Democratic incumbent.

In this era, those willing to serve in public office – we reference here women and men in both political parties – deserve credit for entering the contentious and often bitter arena of Oklahoma and American elections. They put themselves on the line and stand on their principles each time they cast a vote. 
Stephanie Bice is representative of the best, not the worst, in us. 

The City Sentinel believes that state Senator Stephanie Bice is strongest choice to face the incumbent member of Congress in the November general election. 
Republicans are encouraged to nominate Stephanie Bice.