In Oklahoma’s Fourth Congressional District Republican Primary: For James Taylor

In the 2018 Republican primary in Oklahoma’s Fourth Congressional District, The City Sentinel newspaper endorsed educator James Taylor (
That support is renewed today. 

Dr. Taylor is active with the Frederick Douglass Foundation and is one of the “Patriot Pastors.” 

A product of Manhattan Christian College and Kansas State University, Taylor garnered additional educational heft at Cincinnati Bible Seminary, and studied Psychology at Hardin Simmons. His doctorate is from Andersonville Theological Seminar. 
He and his wife, Raphala, are co-pastors at Christ’s Church in Norman. 

He is a U.S. History teacher with many years of experience (most recently at Roosevelt Middle School in the Oklahoma City public school system) who has resided in the Fourth District for many years. 

Dr. Taylor is a man of principle. He opposed the public school teachers’ strike in 2018, saying t that time, “We need to get back in the schools and teach. That’s what we’re contracted for.” He worked throughout the strike, developing plans for the students, who eventually returned. 

James Taylor is a consistent conservative. Bottom line for taxpayers: In James Taylor, You’ve got a friend.
Taylor is challenging an incumbent who has served for decades. He has become an increasing part of the flawed bipartisan consensus in the nation’s capital city.
Further, the incumbent member of Congress is a reliable ally of the dominant Big Tribes, in which leaders have insisted on protected monopoly status, squeezing out the economic options of the state’s smaller tribal nations.  

This endorsement is not driven by the incumbent’s failings, but by the challenger’s merits. 
For a fresh start, for principled governance and for representative values, James Taylor is the right choice for Republicans in the Fourth Congressional District.