In Oklahoma City’s Ward 2 race: For Suzanne Broadbent

Suzanne Broadbent’s interest in serving on the Oklahoma City Council flows naturally from her work as a lawyer and a neighborhood advocate. Ward 2 has an essential existing part in the vibrancy, dynamism and diversity of a great city with the opportunity become better. The role of Ward 2 will expand in the years to come. Broadbent is the best exemplar of what is, and what is yet to come. 

Suzanne “gets it” – the value of neighborhoods as places to live and work together. She knows from direct and long-term personal experience the hard work that makes the places we live safe and secure. 

In exchanges with The City Sentinel and with potential constituents Broadbent has said her priorities will be those that affect neighborhoods most – schools, transportation (what can be called the “getting around” factor) and of course public safety. 
Suzanne Broadbent wants Oklahoma City to build on success – to transform communities and schools, to elevate our way to life to create an environmentally-responsible transportation system in a connected, inclusive community.  

Suzanne wants to bring her experience to bear to work for all of our city. That includes gathering resources through private/public partnerships and bringing real-world insights to bear on problems that keep our kids from succeeding in school and present barriers to their future success.

In the Ward 2 City Council race there are some fine candidates. 
The City Sentinel is proud to endorse Suzanne Broadbent in the February 12 primary.   

(NOTE: This appeared in the February print edition of our news partner, The City Sentinel.)