In Democratic Primary for Fifth District U.S. House of Representatives: For Kendra Horn

Kendra Horn ran a strong campaign in 2018 to unseat a Republican incumbent with a conservative record on public policy, but a noted lack of passion for the process of policy and politics. From her first major campaign event on “film row” in downtown Oklahoma City, Horn was methodical and determined. She believed she could win – then she ran smart and intentionally.  

Horn had the audacity to run, and she made her own breaks: Her drive to victory was marked by strong fundraising, and tireless campaigning. She was good in media interviews, and great on the doorsteps of the district. 

Since taking the oath, she has been a serious member of Congress, and is continuing in her development. Her work with other members of the Oklahoma delegation (all Republicans) has been notable. 

Horn has a serious and substantive style and a record on which to stand before voters in November, to say: “I’d like another two years.” Republicans will have to work hard and smart if they want to deny her that second term. 

Horn voted to impeach President Trump, which endeared her to the Democratic base but infuriated many Republicans and some independents. To be scrupulously fair, she approached that serious vote with a professional demeanor and respect for those who disagreed. In this day and age, that is notable in and of itself. 

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Republicans profess confidence they can unseat Horn, the first Democrat to hold the job since the 1970s. But Oklahoma City and environs clearly shifted from “red” to “purple” in 2018. The district is and will likely remain competitive. Horn has done her best to weave herself into the community, building ties with business people and not voting in total lockstep with national Democratic leaders. 

Her best-known party intra-party critic has run for the job every two years for the past decade. A good man, he is not the best choice for Democrats who want to keep this seat. 

It seems clear, even obvious, that Kendra Horn is the best choice for the Democratic nod in Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District, but stating the obvious might seem like an act of courage in these troubled times.

The City Sentinel endorses incumbent U.S. Rep. Kendra Horn in the Democratic Fifth District primary race on June 30.