How members voted on Terrill reprimand, and what affidavit says
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Published: 14-Mar-2011
By Patrick B. McGuigan

Published 14-Mar-2011 

The Oklahoma House of Represenatives voted on Monday, March 14, to reprimand state Rep. Randy Terrill of Oklahoma City for threatening remarks he made recently in the state Capitol, according to witnesses, which were directed at Speaker of the House Kris Steele of Shawnee. 

State Rep. Charles Ortega of Altus, a Republican, read from a sworn affidavit from a House staffer who said Terrill was upset in the incident last week because “he needed Senate authors on his bills, but said, ‘the F---ing Speaker won’t hear them anyway. If he think he has a problem with his leg now, wait until I break his other F---ing leg.’” 

The reprimand passed 34-30, with 33 members taking constitutional privilege, and four excused. 

Supporting the Terrill reprimand were Representatives Armes, Billy, Coody, Cooksey, Dank, Denny, DeWitt, Enns, Faught, Hall, Hickman, Holland, Johnson, Kirby, Liebmann, McCullough, R. McDaniel, McNiel, Mulready, Nollan, Oretega, Osborn, Ownbey, Peters, Peterson, Quinn, D. Roberts, Russ, Sears, Sullivan, Tibbs, Vaughan, Watson and Speaker Steele. 

Opposing the Terrill reprimand were Brumbaugh, Casey, Christian, Cockroft, Derby, Dorman, Farley, Grau,  Hamilton, Hardin, Joyner, Key, Scott Martin, Steve Martin, Moore, Murphey, Nelson, Newll, Pruett, Reynolds, Richardson, Ritze, Sanders, Schwartz, Shannon, Sherrer, Terrill, Thomsen, Trebilcock and  Virgin. 

Taking constitutional privilege on the Terrill reprimand vote were Banz, Bennett, Blackwell, Cannaday, Condit, Cox, Fourkiller, Glenn, Hilliard, Hoskin, Inman, Jackson, Jordan, Kern, Kouplen, Lockhart, J. McDaniel, Morgan, Morrissette, Pittman, Proctor, Renegar, Roan, Rousselot, Scott, Shelton, Shumake, Shumate, Walker, Wesselhoft, Williams and Wright. 

Four members were excused: Represenatives Brown, McAffrey, McPeak and S.Roberts.

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