House District 93: For Mickey Dollens

The incumbent in House District 93 is state Rep. Mickey Dollens. 

He is a moderate liberal who advocates for education funding, better mental health programs, workforce readiness, economic development, better infrastructure, pubic safety, retirees and military veterans. He is a measured advocate, a serious man: good to work with on matters great and small. 

The Republican challenger is former state Rep. Mike Christian, about whom the publisher of The City Sentinel reflected (when Christian ran for county sheriff) on “top 10 reasons” to oppose his election to anything, let alone a job in law enforcement. 

Christian’s checkered record includes reprimands for conduct during his time as a State Trooper, absence from nearly half of the state House floor votes in 2015 and 2016, and close ties to a Republican legislator who pressured others not to run for the seat Christian wanted. 

And, recently Second Amendment advocate Don Spencer, known for plain speaking, told friends (in a public setting), Christian “screwed us over so bad.” And he said, Christian “lied to us about bills he would hear and wouldn’t do it.” Spencer endorsed the Democrat: Mickey Dollens. 

The City Sentinel respects Mickey Dollens, the Democratic incumbent in House District 93, and endorses him for reelection.