High Noon — Oklahoma State Senate and House to hold required Organizational Day on Tuesday, January 3

The Oklahoma Legislature’s two bodies — Senate and House — will gather for organizational purposes on Tuesday, January 3.

The upper chamber’ Organizational Day for the 59th Oklahoma legislative session commences at Noon “under the dome” at the State Capitol, 2300 North Lincoln Boulevard, in Oklahoma City (73105).

The proceedings will be live-streamed on the Senate’s website, here: https://oksenate.gov/live-proceedings.

Also beginning at High Noon, the House of Representatives will hold its constitutionally-required Organizational Day for the 59th Oklahoma Legislature on Tuesday.

The House will take constitutionally-required actions to seat elected members, install leadership and adopt House Rules for the 59th Legislature.

A brief, constitutionally-required Joint Session of the House and Senate also will occur to formally accept election returns.

The actions will mark the formal beginning of the 59th Legislature ahead of the first day of session Monday, Feb. 6.

The Oklahoma Constitution requires each two-year Legislature to convene at noon on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January of each odd-numbered year to formally organize each chamber by electing officers and approving rules.

The Constitution also requires the House and Senate to jointly meet in the House Chamber to officially approve the prior year’s election returns.

After formal installation of the Speaker and Speaker Pro Tempore of the House in their respective chambers, Senators will travel across the rotunda to the House Chamber for a short Joint Session to formally approve election returns.

This formal acceptance of election results is required by the State Constitution.

Proceedings from the lower chamber can be live-streamed at https://okhouse.gov/Video/Default.aspx.

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