Halloween surprises: Politics and Raids

Politicians are messing up our holidays.

Halloween is the latest holiday to be spoiled by injecting political agendas.

The Department of Energy is asking us to turn our pumpkins into biofuel instead of wasting them as jack-o-lanterns. 

These are the folks who messed up our corn supply because government pays farmers to convert their corn into expensive ethanol.

But if you insist on a jack-o-lantern, the Energy Department says don’t give it a scary face — instead, carve the image of a windmill, an electric car, or a tribute to solar energy.

Sorry, kids, but politics comes first.

The White House already proposed that we use Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings to tell family about Obamacare. 

The First Lady used the White House Easter Egg Roll to push restrictive low-calorie diets.

Election Day is already theirs, so politicians should quit messing up our holidays to push their agendas.

Elsewhere in the news, Washington just raided Social Security and approved big increases in deficit spending.

Monday night (October 26) the White House and Congressional leaders announced a big budget deal. It raids Social Security, borrow trillions and keeps spending rising. The House approved the deal on Wednesday and the Senate planned to it approve it.

They ignored those promises about three days’ public notice before major votes. The deal was rushed so that most Americans would not become aware in time to object.

We get $85 Billion in new official spending, plus billions in slush funds. Supposedly it would be offset by spending reductions — but those are phantom cuts, not scheduled until nine or ten years in the future. Meantime, they transfer $150 
Billion out of Social Security and into public benefits programs. So Social Security gets even closer to bankruptcy.

The final insult — no limit on government borrowing. We’re going trillions of dollars deeper into debt.