Guns and roses: Has political correctness run amok, or can common sense prevail?

Washington, D.C. – Will political correctness defeat America’s military?

Some countries have weak armies because their military leaders are chosen from their aristocracy, or relatives of political leaders, or because they paid bribes to become a general.

America’s armed forces should be meritocracies, picking the best person, regardless. But political correctness demands affirmative action, such as placing women in combat.

The Marines created years of opportunities for highly-skilled women to become combat officers. Yet all those women flunked the physical requirements for strength and endurance.

Now they might apply “gender-norming” to the requirements. That does not mean equality; it means lowering the physical performance standards for females.

The problem is that our enemies don’t slack so that American women can defeat them. Mother Nature does not make conditions easier for women than for men.

So do we want to satisfy a quota system, or to defend our country. 

Which is more important?

Meanwhile, on gun rights there is a major shift in public opinion.

For the first time, more Americans say gun rights are more important than gun control, 52 percent to 46 percent. They agree that owning a gun makes people safer.

Mass killings in Aurora, Colorado, and at Sandy Hook Elementary were used to push for gun control. Instead, those events showed that evil exists and is a constant danger. Police cannot be everywhere, so the best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

In Chicago a crazed shooter fired shots into a crowd. But a concealed carry permit holder had his own gun and took down the shooter, saving lives.

 In Philadelphia a gunman opened fire in a barber shop. Again, a permit holder was there and took out the bad man.

We must always be prepared to fight off evil. That is why we have the Second Amendment.