Group introduces scorecard on taxpayer issues

CapitolBeatOK Staff Report

As lawmakers submit bills for consideration in the upcoming legislative session, advocates of transparency and fiscal restraint are gearing up to score lawmakers on how well they keep the interests of taxpayers in mind. The Oklahomans for Responsible Government Legislative Index and Scorecard for Taxpayers (OFRG-LIST) will, designers of the list say, be the first ranking of legislators based on issues that affect taxpayers most including fiscal responsibility and transparency.

“The goal of the LIST is to let lawmakers know that they will be held accountable for their votes and to let taxpayers know which lawmakers are on their side,” said OFRG Executive Director Brian Downs.
Final bills are being submitted at the Capitol this week. OFRG will determine which are, from the group’s perspective, most vital for the interests of taxpayers. Lawmakers will be told which bills have the potential to be on the LIST and these measures will then be posted on the OFRG website at the start of session. Each lawmaker will receive a score and grade based on their votes at the end of session.

Only bills that get a final passage vote in either house will end up on the LIST. Committee votes will not be counted, nor will votes on any appropriations bills. Lawmakers will be informed should a bill under consideration for the LIST be changed to the point where it no longer meets stated criteria and will no longer be counted. Similarly, if a bill not on the LIST is changed so that it now meets the criteria, OFRG will notify lawmakers that it will be added to the LIST.

“OFRG is committed to open and limited government and the LIST will reflect that,” said Downs. “This is about transparency and fiscal responsibility, two areas of great importance to taxpayers.” For more information, visit