Governor Fallin to undergo arthoscopic hip surgery Tuesday

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin today (Monday, July 25) told Capitol reporters she will undergo Arthoscopic hip surgery tomorrow morning. 

The chief executive of Oklahoma said that after the procedure, she will take some time off and work from home. She disclosed doctors believe she will need to use crutches for several weeks. 

Fallin said the hip started bothering her around the time of her inauguration in January. “I wanted to wait until after the legislative session and some of the economic development trips before I scheduled any down time,” Fallin said. 

During the two to three hours she is under anesthesia tomorrow, Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb will hold executive powers, Fallin said. 

In conversation with the reporters present for the disclosure, which she made at the start of a press conference covering a wide range of policy issues, Fallin expressed gratitude for the gentle rain that fell in the central Oklahoma area Sunday night and early Monday morning. 

When one reporter suggested that Oklahomans, who prayed for rain eight days ago at church services, might pray anew for such precipitation at Wednesday night services this week, Fallin concurred, adding with a smile, “You guys pray for my surgery, too.”